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Price : $1,062.00 (corporate members: $796.00 / corporate non-members: $3,980.00)
Health Science for the Medical Technology Industry
Price : $1,062.00 (MEDEC Members: $531.00 / corporate non-members: $2,655.00)
Body Systems and Therapeutic Areas

Price : $628.00 (corporate members: $314.00 / corporate non-members: $1,570.00)
Price : $794.00 (corporate members: $397.00 / corporate non-members: $1,985.00)
Price : $628.00 (corporate members: $314.00 / corporate non-members: $1,570.00)
Price : $736.00 (corporate members: $368.00 / corporate non-members: $1,840.00)
Price : $568.00 (corporate members: $284.00 / corporate non-members: $1,420.00)
Infectious Diseases
Price : $888.00 (corporate members: $444.00 / corporate non-members: $2,220.00)
McGill University Oncology Total Package*
Price : $2,126.00 (corporate members: $1,063.00 / corporate non-members: $5,315.00)
McGill University Oncology I*
Price : $1,238.00 (corporate members: $619.00 / corporate non-members: $3,095.00)
McGill University Oncology II*
Price : $886.00 (corporate members: $443.00 / corporate non-members: $2,215.00)

Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes
Price : $1,258.00 (corporate members: $629.00 / corporate non-members: $3,145.00)
Price : $734.00 (corporate members: $367.00 / corporate non-members: $1,835.00)
Price : $734.00 (corporate members: $367.00 / corporate non-members: $1,835.00)
Price : $1,000.00 (corporate members: $500.00 / corporate non-members: $2,500.00)
Price : $950.00 (corporate members: $475.00 / corporate non-members: $2,375.00)
Women's Health
Price : $484.00
(corporate members: $242.00 / corporate non-members: $1,210.00)
Applied Healthcare Information

Applied Skills

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The participant must not access the final exam on the MyCCPE portal.
There is a $100 processing fee for all refunds.
Shipping & handling fees are non refundable.

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As a result, I agree to respect and abide by the following Honour Pledge while accessing examinations of CCPE:

1. In fairness to all and to ensure credible respect of my profession, I will complete the examination alone without any help.
2. I will not provide or receive any unauthorized assistance, including but not limited to, any printed, audio, or electronic materials or any individuals, in completing the examination.
3. Each time I take an examination, I will acknowledge and accept this pledge of honour.
4. When I take a CCPE examination, there is creation of a unique electronic record. I recognize that CCPE will conduct record audits to ensure that the integrity of the accreditation/certification and examination process is not compromised.
5. I understand that participants who fail to comply or for whom evidence exists that the above-mentioned conditions are not satisfied will be immediately disqualified without refund. Their employer will be advised and CCPE reserves the rights to publish their name in appropriate publications.
6. I agree and acknowledge that if CCPE in its sole discretion determines that I have breached the Honour Pledge, there may be consequential and/or incidental damages relating to or arising from the remedial actions taken by CCPE.

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