What is my final exam end date?

Participants have the possibility of writing their exam at any time (24/7). Please refer to MyCCPE to check your end date (last possible exam date).

Where can I find my mark?

The marks are available on MyCCPE. Once logged in, click the Training Summary button to view your mark. You can also contact us.

Do you offer technical support?

Technical support is given Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern time. The number to call for assistance is:
1-888-333-8362. You can also contact us.

What should I do if my computer crashes, or I lose my connection?

First of all, remain calm and do not panic. The system will recognize your situation and save your exam with the last answered question, so you will not lose anything. Furthermore, it will stop the internal time – so you will not use up any exam time while trying to re-boot your computer. This is achieved through the creation of a unique electronic record as soon as you log-on to write your exam; in other words, we keep track of the examination process.

What is the passing grade and the time limit for my exam?

Accessing your final exam on MyCCPE will give you the exam specifications for your course. You can also consult the web page related to your course. Main Our Courses web page.

How can I avoid surprises while writing an online exam?

For years now, most people have encountered no technical challenges when writing a CCPE exam. Read the Online Exam Tip Sheet - How to pass a CCPE exam without stress! for more details.

Can I skip a question?

To skip a question, leave all answer boxes empty and click on the 'Next' (or 'Previous') button.

How can I better prepare myself for the final exam?

The preparation exam will evaluate your readiness for the final exam. Consult this page for more information.

Can I change my answer?

No. Only one (1) validation opportunity is allowed for each question. Be sure of your answer before clicking the 'Next' (or 'Previous') button.
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