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Professionalize Your Brand

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I really enjoyed this course and the webinars the fruit will come from how I put this stuff into play with consistency.
District Sales Manager

Take charge of your reputation – your most valuable asset – by being mindful of professional standards to envision, execute, and transform your personal brand image.

The best opportunities for growth and development may lie in you. This multi part two webinar course draws attention to your personal brand and the impression you leave with others. You will learn how to leverage professional standards to set yourself apart and develop know-how to convey your value to others. The course takes the power of impression management to the workbench to help you forge a professional brand.

  • Pre-Work (10 minutes): A short questionnaire asks you about the reasons why you admire someone in your profession. Complete online and submit.
  • Webinar One: Envisioning and demonstrating your brand (45 minutes) Realize that all actions, big and small, exert a profound influence on others’ impressions of you. Identify the professional competencies that separate good from great performers in your profession. Learn how to position yourself in the minds of clients and colleagues and to focus on one’s value to others.
  • Homework (20 minutes): Create a blueprint of your professional brand. Identify the qualities that help establish you as a respected member of your profession and those that can set you apart from others. Complete online survey and submit.
  • Webinar Two: Developing and protecting your reputation (45 minutes) Learn how to signal competency and establish credibility in the minds of others. Identify vulnerabilities and threats to your professional reputation. Pursue self-improvement to improve performance on key facets of your reputation.
Professionalize Your brand
Product Details

Course Name
Professionalize Your Brand

Pre-work, 2 Webinars (45 minutes), Homework
Timeline:  Two – 45 min. Webinars (within two consecutive weeks)
Suggested number of hours of study: 2.5

Important Note
This course will count towards CCPE awards but is not eligible for CCPE medals.

C.E. Units
0.3 (What is this?)

Key Objectives

After completing the course students will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of personal branding.
  • Describe how to leverage professional standards to set oneself apart and convey value to others.
  • Develop and safeguard one’s professional reputation.

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