Persuasion Rx: How to Influence Ethically

PERSUASION Rx: How to Influence Ethically is all about new ideas and empowering pharma associates to move their customers from ‘uninterested’ to ‘on board’. Delivered as a keynote, workshop and distance education course (with CCPE credits) it is accessible to all.

Are you making the biggest mistake so many fall into in their efforts to influence? More has been learned about how to influence behaviour in the recent past than in the entire history of psychology and neuroscience. How confident are you that you know and are incorporating these ideas to influence smarter in this highly competitive market?

How are you empowering yourself with these ideas? CCPE and Excellerate have spent decades condensing what science knows and translating it into what we need to do in pharma. And the ideas are truly making a difference! As one client says “We’ve seen a 30% increase in sales. I finally get it and so does my team – thank you!”. Check out the information below for more details. Think about how this can help you!
Product Details

Course Name
Persuasion Rx: How to Influence Ethically

Applied Skills

14 modules in 1 binder + online web component
Number of pages: 370
Suggested number of hours of study: 37

C.E. Units
4 (What is this?)


NOTE: THIS COURSE IS NO LONGER OFFERED. Please register for the new course: Engage Rx: The 3 Keys to Patient-Focused Growth for Pharma Professional instead.

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Multiple Choice

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50 questions

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1 hour

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