Pharmaceutical Market Access In Canada

Many people will say that it is all about Access. For the best possible patient outcomes, for healthcare workers trying to provide the best therapies and for the health of the pharma industry… Access is Key.

The market access environment in Canada has multiple stakeholders who each need to be understood thoroughly if a medication is to be launched and marketed successfully. The complexities of market access need to be especially well understood by those working directly with the approval bodies and payers. In addition, marketers and members of the executive team need to have a clear understanding of the access process in order to effectively plan strategy. Even at the level of the representative, the better understood the entire access environment, the better the sales team is able to provide information, solutions to access barriers and value to their customers.

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Pharmaceutical Market Access In Canada

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Upon completion of this program, you will be able to:
  • Explain why market access is critical to commercial success.
  • Describe the market access players in the public and private payer environments.
  • Discuss how review processes, pricing and regulations impact public and private payer environments.
  • Know where to find the information necessary to understand the various public and private submission processes.
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75 questions

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