Launch: Life Sciences Products takes us through the journey of launch planning in life sciences by identifying strategic decision and check-in points. The course further provides a task checklist to ensure launch readiness and executional excellence. Launch provides step-by-step guidance to all members of the cross-functional launch team; not just for marketers. It is helpful to both those who are new and experienced in the launch process.

Congratulations to Dave Bard for taking the initiative to crystallize the imperatives for successful launch planning.

Margaret Gunarsons
Pharmaceutical Marketing Senior Executive

Launching a brand is often the most challenging yet rewarding accomplishment in a pharma marketer’s career.  It can be an overwhelming task, even for those with extensive life sciences experience. Launch accounts for every detail important to organizational success, and is well-organized into actionable steps.  The insights contained in Launch inspire a more thorough plan, and as a result, a more confident and effective marketer!

Tiana DiMichele
Director, Marketing & Communications

This course is a powerful source of insights and information to help professionals effectively launch new life sciences products into the Canadian healthcare environment.  This course is a “must read” where healthcare professionals will learn the important main issues, opportunities and threats that organizations are facing today when launching products in Canada.

Andrea R. Mulder
Canadian Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Sales
and Marketing Executive

Launch: Life Sciences Products

Are you launching a product?
Accelerating life sciences product performance is critical to optimizing a new product's life cycle in today's fast-paced, competitive marketplace. There is a significant need for a comprehensive and informative course that reviews the strategy and tactics of the launch process for new life sciences products entering the complex Canadian healthcare market.

Are you considering a career in marketing?
Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to launch a new drug in Canada? Do you have an understanding of the importance of cohesive work stream interrelationships on a launch team?

This course takes you step-by-step through the key elements of the launch process. You will learn what it takes to move a new life sciences product from concept development through to the one-year post-launch assessment.

This course is ideal for new and experienced leaders in all areas of the bio-pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and healthcare environments. It unleashes the knowledge you need to effectively plan and launch a life sciences product in order to get the results you want now, and looking ahead to the future.

Take this CCPE course to learn about launching new products in the hyper competitive healthcare industry. This course is ideally suited to any sales and marketing professional with a desire to understand the process of launching new products and to better understand how to develop your market.

Author's Launch Insights | Number 2
Launch: Life Sciences Products was developed based on my personal observations and experience, starting as an associate product manager, when I noticed early on that my manager, who was recruited for his launch experience, actually had no formal launch process. Soon after starting as the launch lead, the manager spent time developing list after list of launch tasks.

This is not an anomaly: most of the organizations I worked with throughout my commercial career had no formal process for a launch. Typically, companies select a talented individual from marketing to lead the commercial launch, based on his or her experience and success on a prior launch. That individual then creates multiple worksheets filled with checklists in an attempt to capture the extensive list of tasks required for launch. In researching this course, I interviewed corporate executives from a number of companies. Each one identified a similar haphazard launch process, wherein a marketer with launch experience was recruited and left to identify the timeline and tasks required for a particular product launch. This was true across North America regardless of company size.

When one considers the size of an investment to acquire or to develop a new asset, I am still puzzled as to why smart businesspeople do not invest more in launch process development

My intention with this course was to develop a list of all the potential tasks associated with any life sciences product launch to save companies' time, money and the pain of potential task omissions. If nothing else, this course is a comprehensive checklist to kick off your new product launch.

Launch: Life Sciences Products

Author's Launch Insights | Number 1
During a consulting assignment, a client asked me to review his company's launch capability for timing to market. I forecasted a loss of sales based on the number of days late to market for five brands. Each brand was late to market by 45-165 days, and the total loss tallied more than $160 million...

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Key Objectives

Graduates are able to:

  • Discuss the critical importance of a product process
  • Reference the course material in developing, implementing and measuring the impact of a product launch
  • Reduce stress levels and focus on action

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