What is EngageRx?


Engage Rx: The 3 Keys to Patient-Focused Growth for Pharma Professionals

We believe when pharma professionals put patients first, we all win. 85% of pharma executives believe focusing on the patient is key to future profitability for their company. The challenge is how to make this vision work. EngageRx is a 15-module mobile program for pharma professionals. It teaches you how to become a trusted, valued partner to healthcare providers and gives you a system of what to say and do to change health care behavior.

In the end, you will feel confident that you can make a difference; and proud that what you do matters. It energizes and empowers you to make your patient-focused intentions work.
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This video series is the solution to increasing time, access and engagement with the people you need to influence each day to get better outcomes for you, your organization, health care professionals and most importantly… patients!

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Product Details

Course Name
Engage Rx: The 3 Keys to Patient-Focused Growth for Pharma Professionals

15 modules E-Learning (1 year access) - Revolutionary Delivery System (details)
You have little spare time. That's why EngageRx program materials are designed for just 15 minutes a day using your smartphone or tablet. Push notifications and built-in game mechanics drive engagement through ease of use and positive competition.

A powerfully simple - and highly scalable - approach to learning.
Each email will deliver a thought provoking question with a link to about 15 minutes of reading (and / or video) to answer the question. You can answer one question a day or two or more - it’s completely up to you. Module 5 is a unique, engaging interactive online workshop.

Suggested number of hours of study: 22.5
(442 pages divided into 58 bite sized chunks of 15 minutes each. 14 hours of module content reading and answering questions + 5.5 hours of videos + 2.5 hours of online workshop)
Timeline: 9 months to complete the entire course

C.E. Units
2.25 (What is this?)
NOTE: to receive CCPE credits you must complete the exam and receive a grade of 60% or more

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Graduates are able to:

  • Explain what to think, say and do to contribute to better outcomes for patients, the healthcare providers, your company and you.
  • Apply the ideas presented within the 3 keys to patient-focused growth to feel more engaged and engaging such that you increase your ability to make a difference.

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Exam Details

Type of Exam
Multiple Choice

Number of questions
20 questions

Time Limit
30 minutes

Passing Grade

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