Improving Patient Care and Sales Performance With Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

How Representatives Can Support Physicians With Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to Improve Patient Care and Sales Performance


I found the course to be incredibly eye opening and I'm very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as I implement this new information.
Kimberley Wiebach,
B.Kin., B.Ed., CCPE
Product Specialist
Urology & Dermatology

Yet another example of a course that enables me to connect with an HCP and their world, the challenges they face and possible solutions I can suggest.
Benita Lanctot,
Bio Meds Sr. Sales Consultant

The course is very interesting. When you look at access to doctors you see that EMR is going to be a way to reach clients in the future.
Claude Raymond

How many times has this happened to you?

A physician has agreed to use your product, yet the volume utilized is relatively low given the large number of potential patients in his practice. Does he not effectively identify the right patients? Perhaps she just forgets your product exists. How can you increase use to improve patient outcomes?

A game-changing tool that can support physicians to practice better medicine and improve use of evidence-based therapies is an EMR. An EMR is much more than an electronic version of a paper chart.  It is an information system that has advanced tools and decision support capabilities, well beyond simple practice searches and patient recalls that you may have heard about.

Analyses of EMR utilization have shown that physicians are not using EMRs to their full potential. The good news is that when provided with support they are able to better utilize their EMR to improve patient care and can adopt new therapies more quickly.

Do you know what an Opportunistic, Retrospective, or Intentional EMR tool is?
This CCPE course will teach you about these tools so that you are in a position to discuss them and encourage their use by your target physicians.  Importantly, physicians armed with a better understanding of these tools will work directly in their EMR in a self-directed manner to build and deploy them, and therefore you will be able to add value without requiring access to private patient medical records.

EMR tool principles taught in this course are applicable across your list of target physicians who may use different software as the EMRs in Canada have very similar capabilities given their requirement to conform to provincial specifications.

Take this CPPE course to learn about the power of EMR, and add meaningful value to your interactions with physicians and support them to improve utilization of their EMR to provide better care, and to increase use of evidence-based therapies.

Improving Patient Care and Sales Performance With Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
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Improving Patient Care and Sales Performance With Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Number of pages: 82
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Timeline: 3 months to complete the entire course

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This course will count towards CCPE awards and is eligible for CCPE medals.

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Graduates are able to:

  • Discuss the intended benefits of EMR, the rationale for, current state of adoption, and key vendors in the market;
  • Discuss the capabilities and limitations of EMR;
  • Describe the key principles of EMR tool design and development that help healthcare providers improve patient care and the prescribing of appropriate therapies;
  • Describe the anticipated future state for EMR in Canada in preparation for the changes to come and the opportunities they present.
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Multiple Choice

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50 questions

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60 minutes

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