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Emotional Intelligence:
The three most important EQ skills needed in business today


Loved the course and the practical examples presenter used. Will recommend to my colleagues.
Paula McGarry

Really enjoying the webinar! Some good take home messages for personal and professional life.
Helene practicing resilience I have started to identify some emotional triggers and response patterns within myself…this is helping me to take a mental pause and evaluate the situation in real time to better manage my response both internally and externally.
Patty Keigan

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So you think you have good rapport
with your Customers?

Without implementing real Emotional Intelligence you may not be as valuable to your customer, your team, your friends or even your loved ones.

This, do not miss, webinar series gets to the heart of what matters most in our daily interactions with colleagues, clients, family and friends.... emotion. Our emotional abilities are learned, and can be improved with knowledge and practice. This multi part two webinar course explores the most critical emotional quotients required in business.

  • Pre-Work (5 minutes): A short questionnaire indicating the reasons why you like someone. Complete online and submit.
  • Webinar One: Interested versus Interesting (45 minutes) Revive the most important emotional skill to likeability. Realize that money (business, goodwill) flows in the direction of biographical knowledge. Think your way to a happier life.
  • Homework (30 minutes): Revive and incorporate your innate skill in three small talk opportunities, and witness your improved impact. Exercise self-compassion and live happier.
  • Webinar Two: Gold Standard of Emotional Intelligence (45 minutes) Incorporate the gold standard of emotional intelligence into your life. Like a rare commodity this skill predominates in high-performers but is available to all.
  • Post-Work (30 minutes): Practice what it takes to make this skill your own. Begin creating a reputation that always speaks well of you.
Emotional Intelligence
Product Details

Course Name
Emotional Intelligence: The three most important EQ skills needed in business today

Pre-work, 2 Webinars (45 minutes), Homework, Post-work
Timeline:  Two – 45 min. Webinars (within two consecutive weeks)
Suggested number of hours of study: 2.5

Important Note
This course will count towards CCPE awards but is not eligible for CCPE medals.

C.E. Units
0.3 (What is this?)

Key Objectives

After completing the course students will be able to:

  • Emotionally connect with existing and prospective clients by incorporating your enhanced emotional quotient.
  • Use rational thinking to guide your more productive and happier self.
  • Add empathy to your repertoire of communication skills to use personally and professionally.

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Price: $495.00 + applicable taxes

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