DYNAMIX Sales Performance System

CCPE is proud to offer you a tried and tested method to improve your customer relations. The DYNAMIX Sales Performance System will help you to communicate more effectively with even your most difficult clients. Treat yourself with development that adds to your current expertise. Learn from the experience of experts who have spent countless hours developing insights that you can apply to your interactions. Go beyond business as usual and become more successful in 2015. 

DYNAMIX Sales Performance System consists of 4 elements:

  1. Personal report on your behavior and communication preference
  2. Personal report on your influencing preferences
  3. Method and recommendation on how to personally adjust your approach in order to achieve superior engagement, relationships and performance
  4. Mobile app to facilitate the identification of your customer’s/colleague’s profile and specific suggestions for each client

Why is this a good investment?

  1. The approach has already helped thousands of salespeople around the world
  2. It focuses on successful customer interactions which is core to your performance
  3. It’s simple and can easily be included in your daily work
  4. It is complemented by 2 forty minutes webinars offered at convenient times so that it won’t interfere with your work
  5. It’s accredited by the Council for Continuous Pharmaceutical Education (CCPE)

The investment in the program is $434. This is less than the registration cost to a conference or two nights at the hotel for a meeting, and it requires zero time off territory.

The traditional equation of success of hard work + talent + a little luck is not enough anymore. In today's connected environment, effective interaction with each customer, colleague and manager is key.  Your job requires you to develop trusting relationships with everyone and drive business results. DYNAMIX Sales Performance System will help you understand your unique style, recognize your customer’s/colleague’s  style and adjust to optimize connectivity with each person.

Within 5 days of registration you will receive:

  • A personal link to complete your DYNAMIX profile
  • Your personal communication style profile
  • Your personal selling preference profile
  • An invitation to a first webinar “Understanding your personal profile and those of others” (multiple choice for dates and time) duration: 40 min
  • An invitation to attend a second webinar on “Adapting for improved engagement, relationships and performance” (multiple choice for dates and time) duration: 40 min
  • BONUS: The exclusive ”DYNAMIX MOBILE”, a companion tool to facilitate improved communications and adjust to your customers style
  • FOR MANAGERS:  A personal coaching opportunity with a successful ex-VP from pharma about the application of the DYNAMIX Sales Performance System for individual and/or teams performance.

For more information, check out www.peakperformance2.com or by email christian@peakperformance2.com

Product Details

Course Name
DYNAMIX Sales Performance System

Applied Skills

Assessment tools

Important Note
This course will count towards CCPE awards but is not eligible for CCPE medals.


To help you request approval from your manager, download this resource.

Key Objectives
  • Identify and understand certain personal communication style
    preferences and behaviors.
  • Make subtle adjustments to what you say and do.
  • Make very deliberate changes in how you respond to changes in your environment or the people in your environment.
Exam Details

No exam for this course

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