On Demand

You have a special need to address and very little time and resources to address either one of these situations:

  • Training new employees
  • Launching a new product
  • Introduce a new product indication
  • Change in strategic direction
With CCPE on-demand and our comprehensive curriculum, CCPE members can build the content they need to provide pharmaceutical professionals with the “know-how” they need NOW to successfully meet their expectations. CCPE’s vision is to become the accepted and recognized standard of accreditation for educational programs in the Canadian pharmaceutical community. On many occasion pharmaceutical companies will re-create similar content that already exist in the CCPE library. Over the years we collectively created a very impressive pharmaceutical library of 23 courses from 3 categories:
  1. Body Systems and Therapeutic Areas
  2. Applied Skills
  3. Applied Healthcare Information
CCPE is creating an important paradigm shift to become your preferred partner to develop courses “on demand” and implement “just in time” learning solution. Whenever you need to access, acquire or develop content on specific body systems or therapeutic areas, please consider CCPE’s classic course library.

There are 5 different ways to take advantage of our content

  1. Traditional delivery of any given "off the shelf" course registered at any given times of the year with a web-based exam.
  2. Just in time delivery* of a given course at the time you need it with your company's exam schedule for the price of the traditional model.
  3. On-demand delivery* where your group picks and chooses what should be included in the course, for the price of the traditional model.
  4. Custom-made delivery* so that you can acquire course content for further customization. Quotes available on request.
  5. Collaborative or risk-sharing project* so that CCPE and member companies with similar needs may develop, share resources to modify or update a course to meet their specific reality.

* Available for members only

Overall the curriculum includes:
  • 157 modules
  • 540 lessons
  • 162 tables
  • 520 illustrations
  • 4,500 evaluation questions
  • More than 2.52 x 109 possibilities of combining various elements of content
helpPlease call Jim Shea in Montreal:
Phone: 1-888-333-8362 or contact us