Biosimilars in Canada

Whether or not you represent a biologic product, continuing education in this fascinating and growing field in Canadian Healthcare is an opportunity for your professional development.

Patents protecting the first generation of biologics are beginning to expire, and the number of “biosimilar” drugs will continue to represent a greater share of the ~100 billion dollar global market. The path to market for these agents is different than that for generic, small molecule drugs. Production of biosimilars represents a broad set of challenges.

The Advent of Subsequent Entry Biologics: Biosimilars in Canada is designed to help you better understand the world of SEBs. Be on the cutting edge...

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Course Name
Biosimilars in Canada

2 modules in 1 binder
Number of pages: 255
Suggested number of hours of study: 26
Timeline: 6 months to complete the entire course

C.E. Units
2.6 (What is this?)

NOTE: Ce cours est disponible en anglais seulement


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Upon completion of this program, you will be able to describe:
  • The complexity of biologics vs small molecule drugs
  • Comparisons of biosimilars to innovator biologics
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Multiple Choice

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50 questions

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1 hour

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