The Accreditation Course

Who should be accredited? The answer is simple – anyone who wants to be a pharmaceutical sales professional. Think of your accountant, real estate agent, electrician, financial planner, lawyer, and all the healthcare professionals we call on. They have all trained and successfully earned their professional status through an accreditation process. We estimate that over 90% of pharmaceutical sales representatives have completed their accreditation.

On average, 300 individuals that aspire to become sales representatives complete the accreditation exam every year. Since May 1993, Innovative Medicines Canada's Code of Ethical Practices prescribes that to ensure professional standards for the pharmaceutical community, representatives must pass the accreditation course offered by the CCPE within two years of their employment.
Product Details

Course Name
Unit 1: Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 2: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology


26 modules in 6 binders
Number of pages: 2460
Suggested number of hours of study: 250 to 300

C.E. Units
25 (What is this?)


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Exam Information

Type of Exam
Multiple Choice. 1 exam of 100 questions for each of the two units

NOTE: Each exam refers to the contents of the 3 binders of the specific unit

Time Limit
2 hours per unit

Passing Grade

Key Objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:
  • Describe the anatomy and the physiology of the human body
  • Discuss Canadian drug laws and drug system approval
  • Describe the basic principles of pharmacology and their application in medical treatment
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