The CCPE Accreditation Course

What is Accreditation? It is the process of documenting your basic knowledge, comprehension and ability to apply the information in practice. Upon successfully completing the CCPE accreditation exam you earn the privilege of being called an accredited representative, and you have the right to place the CCPE designation next to your name. You receive a certificate and can proudly wear the colourful accreditation pin. Read more about the Accreditation Process for Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals.

The CCPE Continuing Education Courses

After successfully completing the Accreditation Course, members are encouraged to take their learning experience to the next level by enrolling in one of CCPE’s 32 Continuing Education Courses.

c1 Accreditation | This course will assist you in developing a broader knowledge of organ systems, their inter-relationships as well as the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Having a more complete knowledge of the human body will allow you to confidently engage healthcare professionals in discussions relevant to multiple therapeutic areas.
Health Science for the Medical Technology Industry
c1 Health Science for the Medical Technology Industry | All the market research says the same thing: Great reps know their stuff. To gain the credibility required to have meaningful selling discussions with your customers you need to master both your health related science and your product knowledge. Develop the deeper understanding of human physiology and anatomy that will allow you to have conversations that make your customers think. Learn the material that will help you help your customers link it all together.
Category - Body Systems and Therapeutic Areas
c1 Cardiology | This course has been entirely reengineered to answer your specific needs and is even more accessible. It is offered in 4 distinct units.
c11 McGill University Oncology | Over the last several years there have been a number of exciting breakthroughs and advancements in the diagnosis, treatment and care of oncology patients
c10 Dermatology | A recent upsurge in interest in cosmetic medicine, with fifteen pharmaceutical companies involved in this market, makes this a popular course. c20 Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes | Unlike other courses that focus on body systems, this blended learning course takes a holistic approach to a societal pandemic.
c7 Endocrinology | Recent advances in research into obesity and other diseases have led to the discovery of many new hormonal pathways.
c8 Neurology | A better understanding of brain functions has led to new therapies for many neurological diseases. Includes diseases such as migraine, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
c5 Gastroenterology | The shift from surgical to pharmacological management of gastric ulcers illustrates the potential impact of new drugs.
c9 Psychiatry | With better understanding of neurotransmitter pathways, new interventions in psychiatry have emerged.
c17 Gerontology | Society’s changing demographic makes gerontology an important area of study.
c4 Respirology | With asthma and other COPD on the increase, and with the current state of the environment, the lungs are of more interest than ever
c13 Immunology | With emerging delivery systems for targeting immunological responses, this course complements many key therapeutic areas.
c6 Rheumatology | New understanding of the immune response in arthritis and the inflammatory process has led to significant breakthroughs in rheumatology.
c2 Infectious Diseases | Bacterial resistance is at an all-time high and threatening new viral infections have emerged, leading to high demand for this course.
c15 Women's Health | Women’s health needs, conditions and diseases are very specific. Fertility and contraception are examples.

Category - Applied Skills
c22 Biosimilars in Canada | This program is designed to help you better understand the world of SEBs and provide clarity in this emerging field where little is currently understood. Be on the cutting edge... f_i First Impressions | This course provides guidelines to build a business wardrobe that will project a professional image from the moment you meet your customer for the first time, or interact with a colleague.
c22 Communicating the Value of Innovative Medicines and Vaccines | This short educational program was designed to help you become an advocate for a great industry.
Launch: Life Sciences Products | This course is a powerful source of insights to help professionals effectively launch new life sciences' products into the Canadian healthcare environment.
c16 Continuing Health Education (CHE) | Sales professionals have educational responsibilities. To get the most from your educational programs, this course helps you develop activities that initiate behaviour changes in customers. Improving Patient Care and Sales Performance With Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | This course will teach you about EMR so that you are in a position to discuss them and encourage their use by your target physicians.
Engage Rx: The 3 Keys to Patient-Focused Growth for Pharma Professionals | This course teaches you how to become a trusted, valued partner to healthcare providers and gives you a system of what to say and do to change health care behavior. m1 Managing People | This course examines how to manage employees for better results, how to measure performance and how to set appropriate goals and objectives.
c19 Evidence-Based Medicine | You want to have access to your customers, and be listened to. In order to maintain access and create value, you have to demonstrate your credibility. c23 Pharmaceutical Market Access In Canada | For the best possible patient outcomes, for healthcare workers trying to provide the best therapies and for the health of the pharma industry… Access is Key.
m2 Field Sales Management | This course is intended for individuals who seek to become their best in their fields. For existing district manager and management candidates. c23 The Professional Driver | Your skills are appreciated and valued by your employer, but those skills will not be effective if your well-being or life is compromised while driving.
DYNAMIX Sales Performance System | This system will help you to communicate more effectively with even your most difficult clients. Professional Presence: The Essentials of Confidence, Credibility and Composure | This multi part two webinar course explores the underpinnings of keeping your composure and self-confidence high in the midst of hardship; how to identify and overcome your self-imposed barriers and limits.
The Art of One-Way Transmission: Practical Primacy | This high impact multi part two webinar course with pre-work provides practical advice all professionals can use to begin any interaction in the best possible way. Professionalize Your Brand | This multi part two webinar course draws attention to your personal brand and the impression you leave with others.
Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence: The three most important EQ skills needed in business today | This multi part two webinar course gets to the heart of what matters most in our daily interactions with colleagues, clients, family and friends.... emotion. The Power of Purpose | This multi part two webinar course helps you become a trusted, influential partner to HCPs.

Category - Applied Healthcare Information
c12 Basic Pharmacoeconomics | This stand-alone course covers a wide range of topics which act to provide a solid foundation of pharmacoeconomic principles to the student.
c14 Health Care In Canada | From the provincial to the hospital level, drug formularies have become more restrictive. To ensure success for new drugs, it is vital to understand the challenges of the healthcare system.
c12 Advanced Pharmacoeconomics | This course provides a more in-depth review of the principles for those who aspire to a greater knowledge in how pharmacoeconomic studies are conducted, interpreted and used to make policy and clinical decisions.  

All CE courses follow Canadian therapeutic guidelines and are reviewed by physicians and pharmacists. They are designed as independent study programs. The final validation involved many members of pharmaceutical organizations. Each chapter contains learning objectives and review questions. Continuing Education graduates are awarded a certificate and continuing education units (CEUs)

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