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c1Accreditation: be recognized within the Industry

What is Accreditation? It is the process of documenting your basic knowledge, comprehension and ability to apply the information in practice. Read all about the Accreditation Process for Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals

Gold Standard Up To Date Content

challenges in healthcare

c11McGill University Oncology
Diagnosis, treatment and care
c20Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes
A holistic approach to social pandemic
Anatomy, disorders and treaments
Disorders, diagnostic methods and treatments

Skills to succeed within the healthcare Industry

c12Basic Pharmacoeconomics
A solid foundation of pharmacoeconomic principles
m2Field Sales Management
Achieve 'Top Performance'
c12Advanced Pharmacoeconomics
An in-depth review of principles
First Impressions
Project a professional image
c22Biosimilars in Canada
Review the world of SEBs
c16Continuing Health Education (CHE)
Develop inspiring activities
Launch: Life Sciences Products
Confidently launch products effectively
m1Managing People
Manage a Top Team
c19Evidence-Based Medicine
Demonstrate your credibility
c23The Professional Driver
Save your life
Power of purpose: Impact within healthcare
Power of Purpose
Become a trusted partner

Practical Webinars
w10Time and Priority Management
Lay the groundwork to manage your time
W11Workspace Writing Made Easy
Write clear, concise, business letters, emails and reports

Understanding healthcare in Canada
c14Health Care In Canada
A view of the landscape

Health Science for the Medical Technology Industry (MEDEC)

Foundation Content
Older material teamed with the RxTx tool provide a solid foundation in their respective areas.

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All CE courses follow Canadian therapeutic guidelines and are reviewed by physicians and pharmacists. They are designed as independent study programs. The final validation involved many members of pharmaceutical organizations. Each chapter contains learning objectives and review questions. Continuing Education graduates are awarded a certificate and continuing education units (CEUs).