About CCPE

CCPE was created in 1969 by Innovative Medicines Canada to assess the need for, design, develop & administer affordable educational programmes which complement industry training & establish & support the high educational & accreditation standards necessary for Pharma Reps to maintain the reputation necessary to operate in Canada’s highly regulated marketplace.

CCPE is a non-profit organization actively supported by the majority of research-based pharmaceutical companies operating in Canada and is directed by elected volunteers from member organizations.

The CCPE Accreditation Course is mandatory for Innovative Medicines Canada member company sales representatives. Representatives must complete their accreditation within 2 years of being hired into the position. Anybody within or outside of the Pharmaceutical Industry can take advantage of CCPE’s 25 distance learning programs for self-development.

Some interesting facts
  • More than 15,000 professionals have successfully completed the CCPE Accreditation Course to date.

  • Approximately 95% of Canadian pharmaceutical representatives have achieved CCPE accreditation.

  • On average, 72% of representatives have gone on to become CCPE Continuing Education graduates in one of our specialized areas.

  • 20% of course participants are in positions other than that of Sales Representative.

  • Nearly 20,000 CEU credits are delivered annually.

  • Over 40,000 course registrations have occured since the inception of CCPE.

sofeducA Distance learning Institution

Since its creation in 1969 CCPE has been dedicated to quality in continuing education. On March 12, 2007 CCPE was accredited by SOFEDUC to deliver internationally recognized Continuous Education Units (CEUs) for all of its courses. SOFEDUC accreditation helps the pharmaceutical sales community maintain the highest standards and enhances CCPE accredited representatives’ image within the health care community. I November 2013 CCPE won the SOFEDUC prize for delivering a high volume of high quality education to the research-based pharmaceutical industry.

SOFEDUC/IACET authorized provider status means that CCPE is:

  1. Compliant with proven, research-based criteria created in cooperation with the provincial and U.S. Departments of Education.

  2. Dedicated to high standards of quality in continuing education and training.

  3. Authorized to award CEU, the hallmark of quality in continuing education and training.

The number of CEUs per course depends on the amount of material covered and its duration. Pharmaceutical professionals accumulating SOFEDUC CEUs through CCPE courses will benefit by being able to arouse interest, gain recognition, generate credibility, inspire confidence, and build and influence a loyal audience. CCPE accredited representatives will be recognized as a valued resource to their employers as well as within the health care community.

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