CCPE Membership

As a non-profit organization, CCPE’s funding relies on two key elements: the annual corporate dues paid by our member companies to cover operational expenses, and the revenues from selling our educational programs. The revenues are continuously reinvested in updating courses, enhancing various processes, and developing new market-relevant programs.

Membership is open to any pharmaceutical or biotech company involved in the marketing of innovative pharmaceutical products in Canada. Member companies who enrol their sales professionals or other employees in CCPE’s educational programs are entitled to exclusive privileges and preferential rates including:

  1. Preferred prices on CCPE products and services for employees
  2. Regular access to the updated version of any course
  3. The possibility of using, with permission, parts or the entire content of the CCPE courses
  4. The right to acquire, for a fee, course modules and exams which can be customized for specific uses
  5. Risk-sharing opportunities to develop mutually beneficial courses
  6. Benchmarking through CCPE membership


This category is for ALL employees of companies who pay membership dues.

Non-Member (also known as Associate)

This category includes:

  • Candidates pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical community
  • Employees of companies who do not pay membership dues
  • Healthcare representatives outside of Canada
  • Non-pharmaceutical company healthcare professionals (i.e. nurses, pharmacists, technicians, physicians)
  • Pharmaceutical industry service organizations (i.e. advertising, CHE, communications, market research, etc.)
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